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Gordon Cragg

Inspection, Overhaul and Replacement Intervals
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I recently read an article authored by Mike Busch in the Cessna Pilot Association Magazine. Mike also is the head of Savvy Aircraft Maintenance Management, Inc. The reason for this post is this; Mike's article was to debate the legalities/requirements of a shop (CRS or an IA) to require an owner to comply with a OEM service bulletin, instructions for continued airworthiness, etc.
For an owner/operator flying a Helio under FAA FAR Part 91 there is no legal requirement under the FAR's to comply with "manufacturer" published requirements. Now, if the airplane is flown commercially (FAA Part 135) all bets are off and you must comply with ANY requirements set forth by the manufacturer or type certificate holder.
Why the rant??? While I do agree totally with Mike from a legality standpoint, in my opinion , it is important/necessary to look at the history of the aircraft/component/accessory to it really it safe. It is big difference to have, for instance, a airplane with a propeller that hasn't seen a propeller shop in 20 in years, but the airplane is always kept in a hangar and flown regularly and an airplane that has seen outside storage and seen infrequent use.
There are a number of Helios currently on the market...???economy???...who knows. Just because an airplane is legal from a Part 91 standpoint, please look beyond legalities and look at the reality. Fly Safe.

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Re: Inspection, Overhaul and Replacement Intervals
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There are situations where , for a number of reasons, pilots do not comply with these simple and common sense approach to keep that Helio in the air. Not everyone is ahead of the game. I did stuff to my airplane weekly and far beyond any FAA Part 91 requirements simply because that was my choice.

If anyone thinks a Helio is a simplistic airplane, better think again. There are 15,000 parts to keep up with.

Stay ahead of the game, then you can say you are safe!!


Re: Inspection, Overhaul and Replacement Intervals
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You are right-on, Gordon. Some day I hope to write up a list of things to look for and where to look for them on Helios. I've seen and fixed a lot of problems in my 35+ years working on dozens of Helios, some with 17,000+ hours on them.

Jim Metzler