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Unidentified Helios I

Started by Doug Johnson, August 10, 2011, 01:31:24 PM

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N295LA is based in Carson City, Nevada. That airplane went through a meticulous restoration by Steve Murray back in 2002, it was sold to a guy in California, then it was listed for a long time with Norm Hibbard, who once owned Air Bear..

Doug Johnson

Which one was called air bear?

N6DB was called desert bear, and theres Camile Landrys N100AB?

c/n 1466   N6DB   1974  H-295   San Luis Obispo,  CA   N68860, OY-ODB Denmark, accident Aug 19/95 @ Artic Village AK, Sept21/92 @ Lantana FL, “Desert Bear” Mark Cameron



Crowley Ranch H-250 pictured here in two images earlier was N5461E, it was sold 1992 and I believe was crashed in California 1995 with two fatalities.
N5467E is in an envelope.


"Air Bear" was an outfit that the Hibbards operated in the 60's to fly skiers to Mammoth Mountain, CA.

They were the first to get an FAA approved STOL strip in 1968 and they had three Helio H-295's on ski's and "turbo'ed"

N6335V was one of their airplanes, easily spotted they were painted with Red & White polka-dot paint scheme's. I know that Bob Kimnach of Helio Aircraft visited them when the FAA awarded the certificate.

The Hibbard's were also the first to place a firm order for the Stallion, but due certification issues that never took place..

Doug Johnson

You mention the name Hibbard is that Norm at Hibbard Aviation Carson city, Nevada? If so I'll contact him and see if he's got any Helio information, ah this link just led me to N295LA, I'll contact him. I also see now you did say Norm, and his phone # is here.

I changed my list to Link to Katariina Sutphin to N5461E c/n 2518 the dates fit better anyway.
What did you mean N5467E is in an Envelope?

Also some pictures of the Australian Helios.




Ron and Kat never owned Grumman Goose.


Helio N6316V is not c/n # 1436, they hadn't built the 1400 series Helio's until 1969..

It is most likely a 1200 series airplane.

Those paint schemes were borrowed from Great Lakes Helio N5455E and N5460E respectively..



N5479G with tail wheel.., little


Quote from: Doug Johnson on March 12, 2012, 11:33:52 PM

I changed my list to Link Kristina Crowley to N5461E c/n 2518 the dates fit better anyway.
What did you mean N5467E is in an Envelope?

Katariina Sutphin, not Kristina Crowley owned the N5461E until 1992. Ron Sutphin was buying a lot of wrecked Helios while living in Alaska, so to my knowledge he bought N5467E(probably1977) as a salvage and parted it out. Just the documents and data plate are left in an envelope.

Doug Johnson

Thanks for the reply and correction. Putting the data plate in an envelope went right over my head.

Please try the photo again I tried to do a tutorial
for size but no one pays any attention and another on how to insert

I don't know if its any help because not very many people post pictures.

I'm perfectly willing to do it for you if you send them to me, and they will be credited to the person sending them.

I suspect Stephen has some pictures if he knows the paint scheme on N5455E and N5460E. I don't know why he doesn't post them.


Doug Johnson

Stephen; thank for the corrections

My additions and deletions to the originall post I found on VH-UND and VH-UNF are in blue.

Airfast an associate company of Helicopter Utilities an Australian company acquired two Helios in April 1966 to augment/support their fleet of helicopters. They were used mainly in New Guinea . The two machines had consecutive ex-US identities (N6315V c/n 1210 and N6316V c/n 1368, but widely separate construction numbers, they had been in Indonesia VH-UND #1210 as PK-KBB, VH-UHF #1368 as PK-???. VH-UND c/n 1210 was sold in the US in 1970 and has a current registry as N295LA, based in Oregon..   the second Super Courier VH-UNF was sold to North Carolina based missionary company JAARS it became N31299 and went to Columbia . It was retired from use in 1994 as HK-2177W

VH-UNF c/n 1368 originally posted with this c/n this is not a valid construction number I thought possibly it was a typo for 1438 that doesn’t seem possible. although 1213?

Crowley Airways accident report vh-unf reregistered vh-kty c/n 1430.  I was not able to verify this reregistration.

I had found this on the internet
Given that imported goods is an aircraft type / model Helio Courier
        H-295 Serial Number: 1436, U.S. Registration: N31299; Price: U.S. $ 70,000.00 as a grant  of The Jungle Aviation and Radio Service (JAARS) in the United States to the XYZ Foundation Services Indonesia, then under Article 1, paragraph (4) The Minister of Finance Decree No.:538/KMK.04/1990 dated May 14, 1990, we can approve the VAT / sales tax is not collected BM   

I found 1436 HK-2177W  Columbia Registry. I added these notes 1971  H-295 originally  PK-??? Indonesia, N31299, (accident Feb 1972) Jaars retired '94

Stephens astute observation that no 1400's were built until 1968 and 1436 in 1971 rules out Airfast acquiring a 1400 in 1966. I sure overlooked that. Also makes me wonder about the link to N31299 or the widely separated c/n comment.

I wish the people with JAARS knowledge would help us out.

VH-UNF probably is 1211,12 or 13 I don't know the original factory assigned registry #'s.

1210   N295LA   1966  H-295   Reno,  NV   N6315V, PK-KBB Indonesia,  accident May28/76 as VH-UND Australia, Cristian Armand
1211   N316LM   1966  H-295   Export   Canada   accident Nov 8/95 @ Block Is. RI
1212   C-FHKK 1966  H-295   Thorhild, Alberta   N427MT, owner Daniel Stevens
1213   N295DG   1966  H-295   Anchorage,  AK   N204CW, accident Sept 16/90 @ McGrath AK, owner Doug Gallant

There is some remote possibility because of original paint job and reference to widely seperate construction numbers that VH-UNF is an upgraded 2500. I'm not sure if N6317V is correct for 2535 that is in question, might have been N6316V.

2534   N6314V   1967  H-250   Haines,   AK   Accident 11/'70 @ EL Arco mexico hit by C-177,  owner L&A Bennettt
2535   N6317V N777LF   1966  H-250   Wilmington,  DE, C-GRUK, C-FUKS  J. Thibaudeau & Fils Peintre,  landed in trees Aug 29/06 @Woodville Aeolian corp
2536   N6321V   1967  H-250   damaged beyond repair   accident Jul 17/84 @ Fairbanks AK, Wright Air Service
     Amcar issues #44, 45, 114 have a bunch of helio information I am working on getting. I think they have the blocks of N numbers assigned to the Helio Corp by the FAA.




Helio # 4 is CFIYZ

Perry linton owned it, then he sold it to my dad [stan stevens], he sold it to john todd, john sold it to jim fink who is the current owner.

Doug Johnson

Thanks,  bushhelio
you are referring to this one correct?

c/n 045, current registry C-FIYZ , 1957  H-391B, location Meadow Lake,  SK, first owner Perry Linton, C-FIPI Stan Stevens, John Todd, now Jim Fink

Who was the owner as C-FIPI?

would you post a picture?



Doug Johnson

The first Helio is Ron Setphin's H-295 built about the middle of the first 30 1200's anyone have any idea what it's construction number is or what the registry number was changed to?

The second Helio might have been Howard's if that's a bunny on the tail, kind of looks like the post office eagle too, anyone have any idea on construction number or registration number?

The third Helio anyone know the pilot or the Helio?

The fourth picture is three Helio's in Peru 1573 was attached to the Peruvian Air force any idea's


edit; c/n 1217 now N295HC   1966  H-295   San Diego, CA   N6323V Ron Sutphin sold in '88, AK to Lowell Thomas, now Steve Byers, 800 utility door

above #004, N4200B


Doug Johnson

Anyone know this Helio, is it possibly N6466V delivered to Turkish AF also possibly c/n 1418    a 1969 H-295  both Photos are 1400's.  Turkish prefix is TC-???

I have no information on c/n 1416 or 1418

ref 31004
registry N6466V
note Helio Courier del to Turkish AF

ref M29218
registry J-1416. Is this actually construction number 1416? edit yes
note Helio Courier del Turkish Jandarma

edit; c/n 1459 orig N6494V '73, ZS-JAR '74, A2-AAK Botswana '75, ZS-XAT, ZS-JAR, T-100 Botswana Army

edit; c/n 1416 '69 N6466V exported to Turkey TC-?