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Started by c/stolaircraft, June 03, 2010, 09:08:24 AM

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Has anyone ever put a H-700 wing on a H-295? And if not could it be done?
Reuben, future mission pilot and helio fan

Ken Berger

The attach fittings and carry thru are completely different.  So, the problem is that you need to either use the H-295 type carry-thru and attach fittings or the 700/800 type.  To put it another way, I can't see how one type of carry thru will mate with the other type of wing attach fitting.


So it can be done. I was thinking that it might be a fix for the H250 -h395 wing problems and a boost in stol performance.     

Reuben, future mission pilot and helio fan


The answer is No!!

Clarence Brent changed the wing carry-thru for H-700/800 to supersede the original AD for all other Helio's. The Helio 800/700 are not affected by the AD..

The attachment points are at a different location, as Ken pointed out

Thus, you cannot install 295 wings on the 800 airframe or 800 wings on the 295 airframe..