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Searching for Training and Operation Manuals H-295

Started by helio 10sj, April 15, 2010, 11:54:23 AM

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helio 10sj

To anyone reading, I am desperately seeking some manuals. I am an avid collector of helio documentation and have found it difficult to locate the following:
--Any training manay
--Jaars training manual (Most sought after)
--H-295 a/c manual for a 1970 model.  I keep finding 60's manuals and need something newer for the 70's model / 1400 series

I would gladly pay for any duplication, handling, shipping, etc.

Thanks for reading.

Anchorage Alaska


You may want to contact Jim Metzler @ JAARS, he is their head maintenance guru, it is quite possibly the best source I have at the moment.

The AC manual for the Helio 1400 series 295 are a bit rare, but again you may want to ask Jim


Ken Berger

I can call you about the manuals. I will try to help. Please post an email or phone number.