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Helio N295BA new info!!

Started by mrhelio, May 12, 2010, 08:14:40 AM

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I had a lengthy discussion with Chris Branham regarding the Helio 250 he has for sale. We got talking about Helio's when I asked if they had come to any concrete conclusions on the accident of N295BA. Here is this report:

The NTSB has made a substantial error in their findings, so much so, that a new investigation should be initiated, here is why, Branham was trying to provide very substantial information in assisting the NTSB during the investigation, and they declined. The wing did not fail on the Helio, and was not cause of the accident, there was minimal corrosion at the lower attachment point, but this was not substantiated as probable cause as stated in the full narrative version. The metallurgists inspection only revealed normal corrosion associated with aircraft 20 years old, or in this case, older. The pilot contacted base about 2 minutes out, Royal Wolf Lodge, when all of a sudden communication was lost. Helio N295BA impacted the ground in a 75 degree nose down attitude (near vertical) and in a steep left bank angle. The pilot had high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and other medical issues not known to anyone, so the resulting accident was due to a incapacitated pilot, not wing failure as previously determined. The wing failed after impact, not before, as reported in the findings by the NTSB. There are a lot of aviation accidents in Alaska and not enough investigators to handle the workload, when Branham contacted the NTSB they did not want to co-operate. I'll have more on this later..