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OIL Filters that are legal for the Helio
« on: June 14, 2011, 11:44:31 AM »
Anyone know where I can purchase a Winston oil filter element?  Does anyone have one or two Winston oil filters for sale?

Please call 800 SEA-PLANe (or, 858-453-8833) if you know where I can get a Winston oil filter element 1A 0235  that goes into
the Winslow canister MODEL # 30409B  (Or a legal replacement filter that will fit into the Winslow canister.)

In know that I can do the Airwolf conversion and then use a Champion filter (a good solution for the long run) but due to a tight
schedule I wanted to put in a Winston this time around.  The Airwolf conversion will require 4 to 6 hours installation and a
sigh off by my AI mechanic (who is not available right now.)

Thank You, 

Gordon Cragg

Re: OIL Filters that are legal for the Helio
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When I purchased my H-295 SN#1432 it had an oil filter installation, but no logbook entry nor paperwork.
I traced the filter system down to a company called Sunrise Filters, Inc. 2255 Sunrise Drive, Reno, NV
(702)-826-7184 (Len Sage). This system is FAA/PMA and is accomplished under STC SE4493NM for the GO-435 series and STC 4494NM for the GO-480 series. I was able to have him research the sale of the filter system in my Helio to T.W. Smith Engines in 1993 and he issued me the appropriate paperwork for a fee of $60.00. In our conversations he mentioned he still had 25 or 30 of the filter systems left in stock. I do not remember his price quote, but I recall it to be fairly reasonable. Give him a call. It is totally legal and works well.
Gordon Cragg