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Window Vents
« on: June 06, 2011, 08:35:17 AM »
My 295 does not have vents in the windows. I am trying to install one in each. I assume they are the same as the cub uses. Can I put those in even if not STC'd for Helio?


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Re: Window Vents
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That should be no problem..

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Re: Window Vents
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Wag Aero carries the PA-18 style window vents. They do have an FAA/PMA approval (PN#919-000). I have a set in my H-295 1400 and they work well with no issues. As a retro fit, this is not a major modification. A logbook entry would be all that is necessary.
Be very, very careful when cutting your windows. LP Aero Plastics has several pages in their online catalog that basically walks you through the process. Follow that and you should be good to fly.