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Using the GO 480

Started by Louis, June 02, 2011, 10:20:35 AM

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Ray Dorsey

I.M Curious as to the statement that the that the installation of the GO-480 can,t be done legaly.
Normally a factory mod is considered to be legal. Helio Mod #45 conversion of model 391B A/C to
H-395. S/N 070& Up Dated May 5 1960. This mod makes no mention of H/D stab. as that H/D stab did not happen till the later 395.s when the gross weight went to 3400. The Flps where to be replaced with the later an heavier.

Doug Johnson

I just reposted those posts from other sites so It could be figured out.

This is all I have in my notes, c/n 541 and up can be up grossed to 3800 lb. does 541 and up have the heavier duty tailfeathers?

I also have c/n 049, 060, 075 as being upgraded to 395A what is that all about and whats the point, since I thought the H-395A had a GO-435 eng or is this just the Helio mod 48?

What is upgraded in c/n 70 and up to make them eligible for mod 45 and the GO-480?

I would really like to see a copy of Helio mod 45 or any of the other mods posted here.

If I can Help in any way let me know.

Ray; I attached your copy of 48 that I have so it can be downloaded and looked at. I have never seen 45 or any of the others Helio mods.



the 395a did have the 435 but some were converted to 480 i know of 1.

Doug Johnson

I believe I know of the same one but I'm sure its legal. There's only 4 H-395A's left 1 in Alaska 2 in Canada 1 in the Utah.

Jason Stephens

I thought Dennis Branham's 395A was converted to GO-480.  Could be wrong though.  Chris would know.

Doug Johnson

You are correct Branhams is the one in Alaska I was referring to.