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Std AW certificate for U-10

Started by Jason Stephens, December 23, 2011, 12:45:59 PM

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Jason Stephens

Has anyone here gone through the process of getting a standard AW certificate issued for their U-10? 

My 395 project is nearing the end and I need to see if my U-10 project is worth putting money into or not.


Ken Berger

I looked into doing this.  I think that all you do is have an IA make the plane comply with the type certificate equipment list and then hire an examiner to perform a confirming inspection.

Jason Stephens

Hi Ken,

Thanks for the input.  That was my understanding as well but I thought it best to ask the community before bringing it up to the local fsdo.



If you had the plane up in alaska it may be easier to deal with the fsdo up here. They seem to be a bit more sensible. Just a thought. can you ferry it under a exp permit?

Doug Johnson

Which U-10 do you have. I would like to add it to my list?



There is a process you have to go through. It includes removing the military only things like military markings, equipment, that kind of thing. Ken has it about right. You'll need a conformity inspection (like an annual but not signed off as an annual) that the FSDO can base their inspection on. They'll look for all the required placards, equipment installed per TC, major mods and alterations documented properly, equipment list up to date, weight and balance, required manual, etc. JAARS had done many, I've gone through a similar process bringing a Helio into US certification from overseas a few months ago.

Jason Stephens

Thanks for the input everyone.  The plane isn't going anywhere right now as it is still a project.  It sounds like nothing can be done until it's restoration is completed though.  Not sure still if we'll part it out, sell it as-is, or restore it and keep it.  A belly skin needs replacing due to a storage mis-step by the previous owner but other than that its damage free and has the swing up cargo door.

Its #527.  Mothballed at Davis Monthan AFB here in AZ and Dad purchased it from the surplus guy in CO about 10 years ago or so.  If I was to keep either of our projects this one would be it I think, but the other one is way closer to flying.

Ray Dorsey

Its a  Helio The sheet metal is all flat sheet.Replace or have new bulkheads replaced ,AEROFORM
Has some Paterns ( mine) ribs An Other Parts.

Jason Stephens

I don't know what you mean by flat sheet Ray, this is definitely a compound curve on this piece.  A broad general curve with a tighter radius curve on each side as it goes up the side of the fuselage.  I've got a good local shop that does this sort of thing regularly but getting the patterns might be a good idea to make things easier.