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Started by Jason Stephens, December 08, 2011, 05:20:33 PM

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Jason Stephens

I didn't happen to see an area for new member introductions so I thought I'd just start a new thread.

My name is Jason Stephens and I was lucky enough to grow up flying around in N4198D on Campbell Lake in Anchorage.  I've got two Courier projects presently, both at our place in AZ.  A H-395 that is almost complete after dealing with lots of problems, and a U-10B.  The U-10 is in good shape but needs lots of de-mothballing.  I hope to have the -395 going next spring and take it to our family place in Wasilla eventually.

Very happy I came across this board and that its getting some use.  If anybody needs photos of things that normally tough to get to I'd be happy to crawl around in our projects.

Doug Johnson

Welcome to the site Jason,
Two projects, what fun, You have to give me the present N #'s and the ones they've had in the past also the construction #'s (c/n) if you send them I will update my Helio list and send a copy to you. I can't send them by personal mail but you can send Your e-mail address and the numbers by personal message.


Jason Stephens

They are:
N818BS(formerly 4197D) ser no. 571
N814BS ser no. 527

Hopefully N818BS will be flying next year after we complete the carry-through AD and a few other things. :)

Ken Berger

Welcome aboard Jason.  Like me know if you have any extra parts for sale, or if you need any.

Ken Berger
H-295  N6471V