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Birthplace of Helios?
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Here are a couple of photos of the Canton, Mass. airport.  Low angle photo is 1942 (it says) so would be before Helio but that is the layout as it was later in 1952 onward.  Helio's operation was in the center hangar with the black roof.  Design and engineering offices were in there as well but offices were located in the smaller building to the right (east) close to the flight line.  The Stallion was born (the wooden mock-up anyway) in another building which was beside the V-roofed (black roofed)  hangar to the north.  In the overhead photo-if anyone could enlarge it well, it is likely that the 2 aircraft visible are Couriers.    As an aside, Joe Gegante (sp?) was modifying the RC-1 Seabees there in the NW hangar, creating the TwinBee.  I believe his operation was called "StolAircraft" and he later moved to Norwood, Mass which is only a mile away as the Courier flies....  (now let me see if I can attach them)Cheers/Bob

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Re: Birthplace of Helios?
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Thats an ideal airport for Helio's you can take off and land in any direction.

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