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H250 modification

Started by paullapoint, May 08, 2010, 01:53:59 PM

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Does anyone know anything about the H250 for sale by Pacific Northwest Aircraft? He doesn't return e-mail or phone calls. I have been watching this plane for a while. I think they sold the floats and are saying the engine is bad or sold it too.
Can it be converted to the GO-480 B from an Aerocommander? Only rated at 270hp but I think I could burn auto fuel since it only requires 80 octane.  Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Paul


That is Zach Fisher and we know where he bought the plane from in Alaska. The mod to the GO-480 is for the G1D6 only (295 HP) the airframe is identical for both airplanes. The O-540-A1A5 had shown corrosion in the cylinders when it was purchased, why don't you just do the IO-540- K conversion to 300 HP it doesn't give you much more performance but with lower compression be rectified to burn auto gas. I would stay away from the GO-480-B that engine came from Commander 560A..


Thanks Stephan,
  I was interested in it when it was in Alaska too before Zach Fisher bought it. They were asking $58,000. There was a mechanics report on it that didn't look bad but obviously the engine wasn't good. The center seats were out of a Cessna and were illegally installed because they weren't attached to the frame. I was busy and didn't have time to look at it at the time. I would rather have the geared engine but if it were on floats it might not be too bad with an IO-540. Thanks, Paul



You might want to look up Helio N67DD #2516..That is the one with the IO-540-K (300 HP) and it is in Alsaka. David Dietz owns that Helio and it is mounted on straight floats, he would have all the info for the engine installation. It might be a one time STC or field approval, best that you check it out!!..

On another note: That Helio H-250 has the 120 gallon fuel in 4 tanks, not good for the MK II models, far too much weight for the power. On a hot high temp day you run out of juice in no time, they are useless above 7500 AGL.. For the person who really would like to get stellar performance, it would be worth the time and effort to STC the Allison 250 B-17C (420 HP) similar to the Soloy 206. By the time you get the GO-480 rigged overhauled and set up providing you find one that has no problems (good luck) it would definitely give you a high performance STOL airplane. The set-up is the same as the Nomad N-24..