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trim cables

Started by Ray Dorsey, April 17, 2010, 10:48:00 AM

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Ray Dorsey

Looking for a drawing with length and part callout for P/n 391-053-001-22 &
P/n 391-053-001-24  H-295 trim cables. These are for a 1200 series
McFarlan can make them also the flex cable.



I would try Sam Stainton, he owns Helio H-295 N68857 (1400) series he has a lot of documentation. He lives in Colorado

(303) 926-1860

Ken Berger

I have an old set of trim cables for the 1400 H-295 that could be measured.  Even better, I think I could dig up the Aircraft Spruce order form which would allow you to just order them from Spruce.