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Started by mrhelio, April 13, 2010, 01:40:54 PM

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We had best include the website for Type Certificate # 1A8 and # A4EA respectively, after all these are the current owners of Helio...


Helio H800 with the steel gear leg replacements and 29" tires

helio 10sj

Is this place actually still in buisiness?  I have called everyday, twice per day for 3-weeks and no answer.  Eventually stopped leaving messages of course.  No response via email either.

Hope they are on vacation or something.... :-\


Actually Helio Aircraft LLC is still in business. You may want to ask yourself this, what percentage of the bush, utility STOL market is producing significant numbers of aircraft these days given the current economic conditions??..If you look at the latest GAMA production stats and billings for the latest quarter, you may find that single-engine production for specialty type airplanes amounts to near nothing. A new Helio would barely tap into the market, and at what expense?..Parts on the other hand is what is needed. The FAA makes this so difficult that these costs would be tremendous to the current fleet, but those operators are being forced to implement field approvals for working airplanes. The last Helio to roll off the assembly line was 1984 and only 18 built. The market for these has "bottomed out" and the current fleet stands at about 220 airplanes, so what you have is a depressed industry.
   David Maytag does not have anything currently to offer, he has spent an enormous amount of time, energy, and money to try every conceivable engine option only to prove they don't work. Your phone calls, e-mails, and what not are not being replied to because there is nothing that Helio can offer at this time. Hope this gives some insight..!!

Ray Dorsey

I know the  score . Mr. Maytag & co. still have the info that will help . It may all be property of Helio LLc.  The aircraft must still work,if we need field aprovals . so be it.
They still hold the DATA. The A/C must work  Sooo. a little help .were working for the continuation and  the  rebirth of the Helio.
Till that time. Keep them flying.