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Alternative Fuels!

Started by Barry Dechert, April 16, 2010, 08:08:02 PM

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Barry Dechert

 There has been alot of discussion on alternative fuels for general aviation using 100LL. Auto gas, UL92, EA85. Has anyone tried these fuels with pressure carburetors? I was curious if the fuel density has any issues with performance or even how it performs with Lycoming geared motors. I have seen them experiment with fuel injection, assuming the same? Green fuels is also discussed but can they support equipment for such low demand?   


most 391 guys are running car gas in the go435 it was made for 85 octane. I run 85 and 90 in my cub with 10:1 compression with no problems it runs best with about 20% 100ll and the rest auto gas 85 or 90.  The only problem i can see is in warm weather really working the engine hard with auto gas.  Most of the time in alaska here we all run auto gas unless your one of those believe everything you hear kind.  As long as you have some lead by adding 100ll or a lead additive there is no problems. 100ll has way too much lead the engines run to rough on it, I have proven this to myself and many others have done the same up here.  However we dont run any ethanol based fuel, sometimes hard to get in lower america.