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c/n H-12, N50DV

Started by Doug Johnson, July 28, 2015, 04:15:49 AM

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Doug Johnson

2 pictureS check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

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c/n H-12, built 04/84 as model H-700, original registry N4066J advertised as H-700SP (seaplane) sold 04/84, Aerospace Technologies (Ric Hedges) OK sold 09/84, de-register export 11/84 as CP-1944 Alas Andinas ltd (Ernesto Asbun) Cochabamba Bolivia sold '84, Teodocio Ferreira accident damaged no details @ Cochabamba Bolivia '89 sold 05/89, deregister export Larry Montgomery (Larmont Aviation dealer) SC sold 09/89, rereg N82RH (Ronald Harrison) Delmarr Box co NC 04/90 placed in experimental research category to certify PK D4000A amphib floats sold 03/91, rereg N50DV Donald Vechie WI sold 05/91, Boundary water Aire inc (Floyd Gutowski) MN sold '91, William Blau VT accident the amphibian aircraft took off  from a paved runway and was conducting a water landing. the pilot said “landed on River . . immediate pitch forward to inverted”, examination of the aircraft revealed that the landing gear handle was in the “up” position, but the landing gear was in the “down” position. The landing gear retraction circuit breaker was “out”, thus rendering the landing gear retraction system inoperative. The circuit breaker was reset, and the landing gear was retracted several times. All landing gear indicator lights operated normally @ Shelton CT 12/92 sold, Styles Aviation (Herbert Styles) NY sold 12/93, Bilby Wallace CO sold 11/94, Robert Heckendorf CO sold 06/95, Pantechnicon Aviation (John Fuller) CA sold '14, Paul Shoen Minden, NV sold 4/21, someone in WA or N/CA

As always any further information or pictures would be greatly appreciated



Quote from: Doug Johnson on July 28, 2015, 04:15:49 AMrevealed that the landing gear handle was in the “up” position, but the landing gear was in the “down” position. The landing gear retraction circuit breaker was “out”,

It is a common practice to pull the breaker after choosing and checking the gear position.  Checking it to the surface you will land on.  So not to change the gear position at the last minute and make a big mistake.  But even if it works with some models, like some wipline, it is a very bad habit.  The front wheels of the Wipline are retracted inside a tunnel.  With or without pressure, they won't come down by themsekves.  But if you do the same thing in a PK, and the lock did not engage, the normal lost of pressure after you pull the breaker will simply let the front leg come down slowly.  It won't be matter if the lock is engaged, but pulling the breaker to go from water to another water, thinking it won't let you make the big mistake, will do the contrary.  During the flight, the unlock leg will go down and you will flip at destination if you miss the visual or the lamps.

I know, i went there !!  When the "pull the breaker" habit was explained to me, i wrongly found it right.  And adopted it.  So one day, everything aligne and i was due for a swim.  But on short final, a gentleman on the beach was able to catch me just in time with his radio on the 185.  He was in his motel room bed with his new young girlfriend, and when the young girlfriend ask for protection ( the new thing at that time with the yougnest) he had to go out and heard me landing.  He saw one of my leg down and franticly tried to catch me on different frequencies.  I was lucky he was able to catch me.

So i am one of those that a condom did save life.


Doug Johnson

Added a photo and replaced the one I had with a larger copy I found.

Steve Williams

     N50DV (msn.H-12) was flown to TMCX: Turbine Motor Conversions (Cascade Aircraft?), Jun 15 2024, for replacement of the Lycoming IO-720-A1B engine with a PT6-20 turbine. There is a video of its arrival on the TMCX facebook page.