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Grove 10” wheels and tubeless tires

Started by yukonranger, May 06, 2024, 07:01:31 PM

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I was just informed that the Spokane FSDO has issued a field approval for the installation of the Grove 10" wheel/brake kit with the 29" Desser tubeless tires on my Helio, 295H

The Grove wheels feature a larger brake rotor and come with new brake calipers and torque plates. Basically, at the price I paid at Airventure 2024, the whole setup was about the same price of a pair of heavy tread 29" Alaska Bushwheels.  I will be way ahead when I purchase a second set of the Desser Tubeless Tundra tires.

The new setup is slightly lighter than the 29" Bushwheels with the (required) Cleveland 6 bolt wheels.

I will post an image of the paperwork from the FSDO when I receive it. Apparently, it's easy to get an approval if you can show it's been done before



Jason Stephens

I guess this is another alternative to consider when switching over from the Goodyear Crosswind setup that I currently have.