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Helio on Craigslist

Started by moparrob, April 28, 2024, 10:57:53 AM

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I had been looking for that special Helio for a long time but I bought an experimental and I'm committed.  I promise.  Doesnt mean I cant look from time to time.  Just looking. Hopefully someone else on this forum will find it and it will go to a good home!  Unfortunately I have Helio tastes on a Guillows budget...

Au Miner

Looks like c/n 078, which is based in Kimberly. Below is a link to that airframe.


I just looked on Trade A Plane. I couldn't find any GO-435's for sale.

TCDS shows the only engines for this one are  - Model H-391B - Lycoming GO-435-C2B, GO-435-C2B2, and GO-435-C2B2-6

I wonder what shape the engine is in?


I am  kind of  surprised to see it for  sale. The current owner Tom is a friend and he got some parts from me a few months ago. He has been working on it for  some time.  This plane was in Burns , Oregon for years  sitting outside. I tried to  buy it from the  previous owner ,but he was a bit of a recluse,and could never make  direct  contact. I haven't seen it since it sat in Burns.