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Repaired aileron

Started by yukonranger, April 20, 2024, 03:45:43 PM

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I managed to push my Helio into my tractor damaging the left aileron. It was repaired by local AP/IA but now plane wants to roll left. At cruise speeds it takes quite a bit of force to hold the plane level. Plane flys level with yoke and aileron in neutral position

Aileron looks ok, a little distorted at the trailing edge where the repair is. I assume that the shape has changed slightly and this is the problem. Does anyone have experience with this. Thanks



Easy fix, a the trim tab.  We put mine without protruding the trailing edge, by glueing a small wedge part under the aileron.  When they protrude, they get in conflict with wings covers.  I would definitely try it before going in a more thorough solution.  Since it rolls left, you need to put it under the left aileron.
Are the spoilers hidden around 3/16 under the surface of the wing on both sides when both ailerons are at neutral ?  Or there is a difference from the left spoiler from the right ?


Someone here can confirm the spec is 3/16 or a quarter inch ?

There was a discussion here about it some years ago, with the right spec from Jim, but i can't find it


Thanks Louis. I haven't measured the spoilers but the only thing changed was the aileron. Could you post a picture of your wedge trim tab?