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Started by Inapat, November 30, 2023, 01:50:47 AM

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I need a tail wheel for a 295. Does anyone have one for sale?

Jason Stephens

Do you need just the wheel or fork etc?  Stock size?


I just need the wheel. The 10.0 tire blew when I landed and by the time I got off the runway and then off the taxiway, the wheel was ruined. The axel is good and the fork is good. By stock size, do you refer to the tire size? If so, I had bought my tire from Desser several years ago. It was a 10.0 tire, made in China.

Jason Stephens

I'll check to see if I have one.  Some of the other owners probably have one lying around somewhere I'm sure.


I believe I have one in my stock. I'llcheck.

Bob Martell


Thank you very much for looking. Matt Kokkonen, 805-886-1880, San Luis Obispo, CA


In December I had asked if anyone had a 10.00 tail wheel for a 295. So far, I have not been able to find one that works. I've looked at a few, but the problem has been that they have a different bearing, or some other slightly different design. Goodyear seems to have made several slightly different types of a 10.00 wheel. I'm still looking and would appreciate help. Does anyone have a wheel with an axle, or a larger wheel for a 3.5 inch or larger tire? Thank you for any leads. Matt Kokkonen 805-886-1880,


I have a Goodyear wheel which Ken Noe said was originally for an early Mitsubishi MU2. It requires machined adapters to adapter the axle  bolt to the bearings which are larger. I also have a Beaver 4.5" tail wheel which also requires the use of adapters. Finally I have some "rings" which change a 3.5" wheel to 4". I can take pictures next time I'm am at the hangar. I doubt that you will find a 4" wheel where the bearings will ride on the axle bolt as in the original setup (every legitimate airplane wheel I have seen has larger bearings)


Yukonranger pm sent to you.