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c/n H-13, CP-1900

Started by Doug Johnson, July 28, 2015, 05:27:56 PM

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Doug Johnson

1 picture check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

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c/n H-13, built 04/84 as model H-700, original registry assigned (N4074W ntu) Helio Aircraft Ltd sold 05/84, dereg export Bolivia as CP-1900 (Ernesto Asbun) Alas Andinas ltd Cochabamba Bolivia sold '?, Raúl Velasco Suárez used by Rapid Assessment Program (Rap) for Ecological Program Gran Chaco tropical wilderness area sold '?, (Missionary group) returned to US 9/93, reg expired (N-reg ntu yet) N4074W on hold hangered Atlanta, GA not registered, and CP-1900 reg mark never removed current owner Herman ?

My understanding is that the original intent was to install a Zoche rotary diesel engine but the eng they had selected didn't pan out.

As always any further information or pictures will be greatly appreciated.



H-13 is parked in a hangar in Georgia where it's been "resting" since 1993.


Here's an unintentional pic of the plane taken during construction of a new hangar in 2006.


H-13 getting washed the summer of 2007.

Au Miner

Much nicer accessories than in the previous picture.

Doug Johnson

added picture of H-13 while being used by Rapid Assessment Program and edited history paragraph to show this.

Doug Johnson 1

H-13 N4074W was for sale for $60K it appears to have been donated by Herman ? (aka fearofpavement) Atlanta, GA or sold for $120K on or about 9/16 to Assoc of Baptists for World Evangelism Concorde, GA, reg as N4074W

What is Hermans Last name?

While I have no problem with churches receiving donations, and that seems to be the latest thing, if you can't sell your Helio for a fair price donate it for a substantial (larger) tax credit.

I wonder, if I start up a Buffalo foundation or something (kind of like Hillary and the Clinton foundation) maybe I could get someone to donate a Helio to me.

I hate paperwork, and the IRS is worse than the FAA, so it probably wouldn't work for me. OH well just a passing thought.

By the way we need a picture Of H-13 when the N4074W registry is painted on.

I just noticed for the first time the underneath the left wing in the 2nd photo. Does anyone think that it was an advertising platform for Cerveza Ducal?

Jason Stephens

This Helio is currently listed for sale on Barnstormers with Nathan as the broker.

Kevin Dunn


I looked at the Barnstormer ads and I know Nathan has been associated with the Tri-gear for several years and I think he is probably helping sell it. However, I don't think he is associated with the H700 in Colorado.


Jason Stephens

Oops!  You are correct Kevin, my brain combined the two ads together.


How much would it cost to put ot back together?  Im interested in buying the plane, but I dont know if its feasible to reassemble and fly it again.  Theres just not that much info out there that I can find.