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Airventure 2024

Started by paullapoint, January 16, 2024, 05:58:55 AM

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Is there still a plan for a Helio fly in at Oshkosh for the 70th anniversary of Helios? 

Kevin Dunn


Yes, there has been more discussion about a gathering at OSH this year for the 70th. I spoke with the guy in charge of Vintage before OSH23 to start the conversation and he told me that Airventure is not officially recognizing any 70th anniversaries anymore. We would have to wait until 75 years to get an official recognition.

However, that doesn't preclude us from gathering. We can still do something on our own. Since there would be no official recognition, they cannot guarantee that we could all park together, unless we fly in together. That would mean meeting up somewhere and scheduling a multi-ship arrival. My thought is that we would need to schedule that for Saturday. A Sunday arrival might be pushing it if traffic is heavy. Just my thoughts.

So far I have talked to 5-6 people who said they are interested.

Since OSH is a working trip for me, I am not sure I can coordinate the whole thing. Jodie McAllister and I have talked some and he is interested in helping. We would definitely need multiple people to help out.

Just so we can get an idea, if you are interested in the idea, please respond and let us know. It would be nice to have all models represented. Any chance a Stallion could show up??

Thanks for the question Paul. It's been on my list....

Ya'll fly safe out there.


Barry Dechert

 I would enjoy meeting other owners face to face instead of emails and phone conversations for a change. Regardless of flying a Helio there I will more than likely attend. I would possibly be interested this year. N4431U although the year is young I still have to finish the Helio project. Just begining to fabricate or repair the lower cowling on this H391B which had originally the augmentor. If some one knows of another cowling that may be in better shape please let me know.
 I was offered a cowling off of a H395 problem is I am not sure it will fit.
Happy to hear thinking of the airshow!

Barry Dechert

 If I can help out this year let me know. Thx.

Barry Dechert

 I didnt make it that year to Oshkosh. Is there any planning similar to maybe these cards being sent or emails be cheaper? Found this in my tool box little bit ashamed I treated pretty poorly.

Kevin Dunn


Sorry you missed it. It was a good time! Nathan Mackey was the point guy on that gathering. I am sure he will be excited to see that you still have the card!

I wasn't planning on anything like this for this year. If we do something official for the 75th, I could see this being an option.


Barry Dechert

 Thanks, I will still have procession of it. Hope to see you there.


Colleagues, I plan to be at Oshkosh this year. I will be glad to see other owners of this wonderful Helio aircraft!