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GO480 G1D6 Propeller

Started by Misspiggi177, November 14, 2023, 04:07:30 PM

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I remember there was a thread here about 5 years ago on MT possibly makeing a new 3 blade propeller for the G1D6 motor.. I just received an email response from them that they do not have a propeller for this engine. I am installing a G1D6 just back from Columbia in my FW 149 and wonder if there is still interest in the Helio community for an MT prop?
 We could try to revive interest from them with enough interest?
 My aircraft is experimental so no STC required but would be great if there was enough interest to get them to pursue this again


I just received this expanded response from MT.. it seems they do have options for the G1D6 motor

Experimental 3-blade propeller with wooden composite blades 220cm diameter ( ~ 86,5") complete with spinner
Propeller can be made as follows:
propeller with counterweights, using the original governor and with spline installation
propeller with counterweights, using the original governor but with bolt on flange, like Continental engine
propeller without counterweights, bolt on flange but you need a new governor from us
The estimate price for the propeller with spinner is $ 24.250,00, the additional governor will come for $ 2.860,00. Final price will be fixed as soon as the exact type of propeller is decided.
Delivery approx. 38-40 weeks.


Do you happen to know what blade design they have in mind for you?  The few MTs I have seen on a Helio have a 2-blade with the -29 blade profile.  I am curious what blade profile they are suggesting for you in this case.


Does Lukas Stutzer had Helio Alaska not have an MT set up on this plane?


Lukas did have one.  It has been removed and the standard hartzell has been returned to his airplane.

I never flew with him behind the MT. From many conversations with them it apparently performed the same as the hartzell but was not nearly as smooth.  It also was a little strange on start up and shut down because it didn't have the same fly wheel effect as a heavier prop.  Obviously it was lighter but I don't know the actual weight.  It was a 96" two blade with the -29 blade. 

I believe another forum member here has the same prop in a 98" and speaks highly of it from a performance stand point, no word on vibration or start/stop issues, perhaps he can elaborate.  My understanding is that since the 295 type certificate only allows a 96" blade the best MT can do is 96"s.  Since the 395 type certificate lists a possible 101" blade MT can field approve a longer blade for the 395 series planes.


RCarter is correct MT limited me to a 98" for my 395. It pulls hard and is a better seaplane and beach prop compared to my Hartzel. There is very little errosion and I have not been easy on it. Cons: the prop manual is terrible.