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H-395 U-10 For Sale

Started by heliodriver, September 29, 2023, 11:09:19 PM

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Helio 295 #1250 is up for sale, in Wasilla Alaska. It is a U-10, 3800 pound GW, with the big double "ambulance" door and long range fuel. The logs burned in a fire in Kobuk and the airplane was just recently extensively inspected, annualed, had logs built, and returned to the air.  I have seen the airplane and it won't last long on the market at the current price of $125,000. You can reach the owner at 907-232-7791.  If you don't get an answer leave a message...the owner is in and out of town a lot right now (and why its not actively listed yet). If that fails to get a reaction, call me, Bob Lacher, at 907-250-1767 and I'll figure out a way to get you in to see it, and get your name on the short list.