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Helio Rudder/Brake Pedal

Started by Hart Drobish, August 28, 2023, 06:35:31 PM

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Hart Drobish

We are upgrading a no brake, only rudder pedal assembly on the right side/ C0-pilot seat position. Looking to find rudder brake pedals (2) for this project. Anyone know if these were only a Helio Part, as in a 391 XXX XXX number, or are they common to other aircraft. If you have a pair of these parts, please let me know. Thanks, Hart

Jason Stephens

Hi Hart,

I'll try to look at my plane today to see if there is a number stamped on it.  I would think it would be in the parts manual as well though.

Hart Drobish

Hi Jason, I appreciate you wanting to check the number. I have the whole number, it was just not in front of me when I wrote the email. The issue is whether the Helio rudder pedals were made for another type of aircraft and Helio adapted them for the Couriers as a cost savings method rather than having specific pedals cast for the Helio application. I thought there might be a better chance of finding pedals under say a Piper or Beech application than the Helio. I am sure there are a set of brake-rudder pedals for a Helio lurking somewhere. Perhaps they will turn up. Thanks for your interest in assisting me. Take Care, Hart

Jason Stephens

You know, now that I think about it, the pedals in the Helio look a lot like the brake pedals in my Piper Pawnees(at least in my head).  I'll try to compare them, but it would make sense to use a readily available part whenever possible to save time & money during production. 

Jason Stephens

I checked the pedals yesterday and they are different.  Not sure if there is an off-the-shelf option.


HI Guys-  Today I looked in an early 395/U10 from the 50's or 60's and found the rudder pedals- they are all the same, no right or left, all with attach points and an arm which connects to the brake master.  I also looked in #1709 (1974) and they are the same. I also found some photos of the rudder pedals in H22 (an 800 from 1984) and they are also the same.  No logos or part numbers anywhere. Cheers/  JC