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Sun Visors

Started by paullapoint, July 13, 2023, 07:18:19 PM

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As we get ready for Oshkosh, I'm wondering what sun visors work well in the Helio ? There are vendors there but none that know what a Helio is.    Thank You, Paul


I should post a photo of what i made when i flew the Helio in Australia.  Sometimes the temperature was very high.  A sun visors was mandadory !

Kevin Dunn

I'd be interested to see what you came up with, Louis.


Barry Dechert

I asked at Sun N Fun this year they have or mentioned clamps made to attach to the tubular structure. May work if for the size tubing.


I purchased Rosen model R2063400-05 and they are PERFECT in my H295.  ARC 1 INCH TUBE MOUNT SYSTEM.  $597.00

They mount to the support bar from the roof to the  dashboard.  I connected them right to the very top part and they articulate perfectly.  Can get a little tricky when using the flap crank but easy enough to move them out of the way.


Thank You Joshua. That's what I'm looking for.    Paul


I just installed the Rosen sun visors. They seem to work pretty well. I put the mounting post up instead of down like the instructions said when mounting them to the v brace. As Joshua said, when they are down, they can get in the way of the flap crank. Just need to put them all the way against the sides of the cabin when down so they're out of the way.    Paul