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Remote oil filter installation

Started by Barry Dechert, June 27, 2023, 05:29:51 PM

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Barry Dechert

 Inquiring about remote oil filter installations. Most common is the Airwolf assy. I am curious how the installation integrates with the oil cooler? Are there other options I am not aware of? As long as there is an STC available my FSDO won't allow field approvals of the same subject.
 Aircraft is a H391B, Lycoming GO435C2B2-6. I have a wet vacuum pump and I am curious on the drain plumbing out of the de-oiler back to the sump. Should be left fwd. port on the sump?


  Mine is mounted on the back of the gear case, no hoses. I will have to research my paperwork to see what it is exactly.  Paul

Jason Stephens

I have the remote Airwolf setup on my H-395.  Maybe it would be setup the same on the GO-435 but maybe not.  We have the filter mounted on the firewall. I can take a pic or two if you like.


Barry Dechert

 Thanks for responding,
 I would like to see the one mounted to the rear accessory case and also the air-wolf install. On the GO435 engine case right side are the in & out to the cooler. GO480 may be different how the oil is routed out of the case to the cooler I don't know. But my suspicions is that the air-wolf incorporates the routing of oil lines filter/cooler.

Kevin Dunn

The one that attaches directly to the rear of the oil sump that I am familiar with is a Sunrise Oil Filter, STC SE4494NM. I've seen several airplanes with them. Not sure if the STC is still available.



Hi Barry,
  I have some pictures I can send if you pm me. I can't seem to upload them here. Paul

Barry Dechert

Just a FYI, research on the STC for Sunrise filter adapters appears Airwolf owns that STC. Too bad big guy wins again!