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c/n 2528, N6309V

Started by Doug Johnson, June 18, 2015, 04:00:45 PM

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Doug Johnson

7 pictures check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

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c/n 2528, built 12/65 as model H-250 original registry N6309V (reused) Factory placed in experimental category as test bed for at least two models
N6309V (reused) converted 07/69 to market evaluation and proof of concept prototype Prop-Jet courier model H-370 with 317 shp Allison 250-B15G Turbine Engine and Hartzell HCA3-YF-5 prop, evaluation showed little increased performance and large increase in fuel use, a type certificate was never pursued and the project was dropped.

As we all know the concept has never been completely dropped see N613SD c/n 1709 converted to a H/T-420T model (420 SHP) and N400HE c/n H-22 a H/T-840T model (840 SHP)(both very successful experimental conversions there is also N700AA H-15 converted to "Jenson Turbo Courier" H/T-1500 model (750 SHP)  and N88726 c/n 559 converted to H-420T (420 SHP) Morgan Perry Arlington WA made this conversion (Straelea Air) WA, installed Allison B-17-F2 (450 SHP) coverting it to a model H-450T, N-reg ntu yet        for sale $450K   
N6309V (reused) was converted 07/71 to 3rd trigear using (STC SA1399SW) and Lyc GO-480-G1D6 eng (STC SA1383SW) and 1400 series enhancements using Helio kit # k-115 installed electric flap and trim, also trapezoidal rear windows, dorsal fin and interior used also used on 1700 series the production trigear A/C, pretty much a proof of concept model HT-295 it was sold as modified H-250 07/71, International aviation Technical services inc (A. Hundere) TX 09/72, dereg exported as XC-SEW Mexico committee Federal Program Manager School Construction transport director, unknown location or current condition ?

As always any further information or pictures would be greatly appreciated.

HelioPorter mark on tail

1st article

2nd article


Doug Johnson

added pic and test flite of proto H-370 conversion H-250 c/n 2528 compared to 1400 series c/n 1407

Added mag article on proto H-370 because I found the article interesting especially the part about a vertical descent and recovery at 200', since I recall the manual calling for 200' for recovery from vertical descent.

I have done 100s of vertical descents with a Kasperwing ultralight and it is really hard to judge distance above ground unless you have a ref to look at sideways a close mountain works best. I would think you would need a radar altimeter and a lot of practice before you used a vertical descent as a common maneuver.



Great article Doug! I like the fuel and engine prices. Paul

Jason Stephens

Even Wayne Handley, a very experienced airshow guy, hit the ground really hard while doing a vertical decent in his Turbo Raven a few years back.

Doug Johnson


Doug Johnson 1

Found a picture of c/n 2528 as what looks to be as original H-250 sitting out front of the Helio factory, along with some brand new U-10Ds, so probably mid '67, it was converted to the H-370 propjet in '69

Kind of an interesting view of the modest Factory in the background.

I will open it above

Kevin Dunn

Great picture Doug.  The factory still looks a lot like that with the exception that UPS has added on to the building. 


Doug Johnson 1

I bought the slide so I could enlarge it, turns out to be an interesting photo of c/n 2528 as a 'Helioporter ?' it was converted to an H-370 around 07/67 appears to have been returned to H-250 configuration or should I say changed to HELIOPORTER configuration, not quite sure what that is.

And c/n 1269 and 1271 and probably 1270 next to building fresh off the assembly line build dates 08, 08, and 09 of '67.

I will open them above

Doug Johnson

found a photo kind of shows the front of 2528 as turbine

I will post it just because and open it above


Ran across this photo of the H-370 taken by Peter Marshall.