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Helio Shirts For Sale

Started by Gordon Cragg, April 09, 2023, 01:35:53 PM

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Gordon Cragg

Hello Everyone;
You would be amazed at what is lurking deep in a hallway closet???
I have, what is left, of new Helio Shirts I bought from Nathan(?)in early 2000's
What is listed is all that I have left:
T-Shirts (2) XL, (2) 2XL.    $20 ea
Black w/pocket (1) S, (1) M  $20 ea
Gray w/pocket (2) L (1) XL   $15 ea Please note on the gray shirts there is a very slight
                                    Discoloration on the collar. Wife seems to think a wash         
                                    Will take it out, but no guarantees. 
Please contact me through personal email for images,