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GO-480 repair/overhaul

Started by Martin, March 11, 2023, 07:38:11 AM

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Good morning,

I am a new member of this forum, thank you for approving me although I am from Germany and not flying a Helio Courier (an awesome plane ! unfortunately non flying in Germany). I fly since 33 years a Dornier Do 27. She has as well a GO-480 powerplant, a B1A6 version. The engine runs smoothly since it was built by Lycoming without any problems. It took me through Europe and Africa. In my mind a reliable engine as long as it is operated carefully.
I have read a few threads about the GO480 and it seems that you guys have similar problems with spares etc. I have a few questions.
In Europe it is almost impossible to find a company which overhauls/inspects/repairs a GO480. The only company left is here in Germany and an overhaul is appr. 70 k$. A drama to find spareparts for the GO-480 in Europe! My daughter lives in MA and I am often in America and thought about to have an overhaul done in the US. I am wondering what you guys do if you need to get an GO-480 repaired or overhauled?? Do you have any recommendations for me whom to contact? I have an offer from AIRMARK FL, they overhaul and repair GO-480. The only company I found. Appreciate any comment or reply. Thank you in advance.


Columbia Aircraft Services in PA.