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GO-480 repair/overhaul

Started by Martin, March 11, 2023, 07:38:11 AM

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Good morning,

I am a new member of this forum, thank you for approving me although I am from Germany and not flying a Helio Courier (an awesome plane ! unfortunately non flying in Germany). I fly since 33 years a Dornier Do 27. She has as well a GO-480 powerplant, a B1A6 version. The engine runs smoothly since it was built by Lycoming without any problems. It took me through Europe and Africa. In my mind a reliable engine as long as it is operated carefully.
I have read a few threads about the GO480 and it seems that you guys have similar problems with spares etc. I have a few questions.
In Europe it is almost impossible to find a company which overhauls/inspects/repairs a GO480. The only company left is here in Germany and an overhaul is appr. 70 k$. A drama to find spareparts for the GO-480 in Europe! My daughter lives in MA and I am often in America and thought about to have an overhaul done in the US. I am wondering what you guys do if you need to get an GO-480 repaired or overhauled?? Do you have any recommendations for me whom to contact? I have an offer from AIRMARK FL, they overhaul and repair GO-480. The only company I found. Appreciate any comment or reply. Thank you in advance.


Columbia Aircraft Services in PA.


Good Morning,

Any other companies recommended besides Columbia Aircraft Service PA? I sent an email twice
to them a couple of weeks ago, unfortunately received no answer til now.


Try Central Cylinder in Nebraska



Thank you guys,

just got a reply from Columbia PA. Sudden stoppage insp. would be est. 29.5 k$


Good morning Martin
 I can highly recommend Columbia Aircraft Services for your GO-480 overhaul. I just received my new GO-480G1D6 build from them.
 The shop personnel are very experienced with this engine and also very enthusiastic about continuing support for our community of Aircraft that need these engines.
 They worked with me to do the STC upgrade to Fuel injection to solve the increasingly expensive overhaul issue with the Bendix PS-5D pressure carbs.
 They invited me to the shop to observe its first run in their test stand, wonderful to hear it run for the first time
 BTW I had the engine built as a ready spare to go in my FW-149 #177. She has the original B1A6 engine like your aircraft.
Current engine was overhauled while she was still with the Luftwaffe. Engine is still running strong with good compression but approaching TBO. I will have Columbia overhaul that engine when it's time.
All the best
Paul Crouch


Hello Paul,

thank you for your answer, indeed I plan to visit Columbias' workshop in June when I am over there.
I have some questions left for them and would like to discuss these with them. Honestly I think it would be
the best choice to get my engine done with them.

Best regards Martin