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24 Volt starter

Started by rmartell, March 13, 2023, 09:46:01 AM

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Looking for information on a 24 Volt starter that requires repair or replacement.

The data tag says:
Type G760  Model 31-762
Clutch setting 235 Ft lbs
Serial No. 175  Volts 24
Style B

Does anyone know who the manufacturer may be?


I have found out the starter is from Eclipse-Pioneer Division of Bendix. E-80 starter, Part # 756-162D.

I am awaiting a call back from Wright in Alaska. I reached out to JAARS about obtaining the planetary cage assembly, however, they sold most of their inventory to Wright.
Does anyone know where parts for the above starter can be obtained?
Is there a replacement for this 24 Volt starter?

Kevin Dunn