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Helio Autopilot for Sale

Started by RCarter, February 10, 2023, 03:44:43 PM

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I have a Century III autopilot that I pulled out of my H295 for sale.  It includes all controllers, servos, and mounting hardware.  It worked when I pulled it out, servo mounts and servos are in good shape.  The panel mounted controllers are not perfect but are serviceable. 

Call (415)-412-8649, email (, or PM me with questions.  Make an offer, anything I make on this sale after shipping I am donating to Kevin Dunn/SOAR.  He is a great resource for Helio owners and his organization maintains a number of Helios and he is training the next generation of Helio mechanics.





Do you have any pictures of the autopilot installed, particularly servo mounts?


I removed the system when I was doing a lot of other work on the plane.  My goal is a light weight Helio and an autopilot, IFR gyros, and a vacuum system are all antithetical to that.  Nothing wrong with it or the rest of the stuff I removed; it just wasn't for me.

Regarding photos of the installation....that I don't have.  I do still have the mounting brackets mostly assembled and have the holes in the stringers drilled from the installation so I could set the brackets back in their locations and snap a photo or two.  But it won't be exact.