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Fuel Vent

Started by yukonranger, February 08, 2023, 11:52:58 AM

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Can anyone post a picture of the aux tank fuel line vent fitting that sticks out the underside of the wing? I understand that there is a tube that sticks down. Mine does not have the tube. A ruler or coin in the photo would be helpful for scale. Also what was the original material that the aux vent lines were fabricated from?  Mine are plastic but may not be original



Jason Stephens

Hmmm, I don't recall ever seeing a tube come out the bottom.  Maybe I just never noticed though.  I'll take a look.


Perhaps "tube" is a poor description.  My understanding is that the plastic fitting had a tube for a hose connection on the underside of the wing and that tube was cut off at an angle. The angled cut was faced towards the front, into the wind, which provided slight positive pressure in the fuel bladder.


You are right.   I come home tomorrow and will post a photo


The 295's with long range tanks and fuel pumps to transfer the fuel have a small plastic tube vent under the wing.  The 395 with military style long range tanks do not appear to have the same vent.