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c/n 1288, G-BAGT

Started by Doug Johnson, May 03, 2015, 03:12:57 AM

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Doug Johnson

6 pictures check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

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c/n 1288, built 04/68 as model H-295 original export registry CR-LJG Portugal sold 10/72, rereg G-BAGT Tanganyika Holdings ltd London - Chartered 08/74, B. Woodhall ltd ('94 appeared in the “A shot in the Dark” episode (1st series 1994, episode 5) of the UK TV series “Pie in the Sky”) sold '08, Milton Keynes and David Hanss Chessington, England This aircraft has now been repainted similar to a U-10D (c/n 1276 t/n "374"). A Courier of the Vietnam era which was sold to Thailand dereg sold '22 Jeffrey L. James, Crosswind Cove, Elizabeth, WV

same as c/n 1276 t/n "374" sold to Thailand

Magazine article


Doug Johnson

added picture c/n 1288 has been repainted in U-10D S/Vietnam era camo same s/n as c/n 1276 t/n "374" sold to thailand.

In my opinion should have used the tail number "376" an incomplete U-10D used to build 1401 or "377" just after the U-10D contract or "331" just before the contract.

Doug Johnson 1

replaced preview with higher quality B/W photo as CR-LJG

opened photo as #1 in the queue at top of page

Doug Johnson

I found a magazine article of c/n 1288 as G-BAGT I will open at the bottom of the photo Queue at the top of this page.

Doug Johnson


Steve Williams

Milton Keynes is not a person, it's a city fifty miles northwest of London, and Chessington is a town about twelve miles southwest of central London.

1288    manufactured Apr 1968 as H-295 - regd CR-LJG [owner], Portugal - sold to Tanganyika Holdings Ltd, London, UK, Oct 31 1972 - regd G-BAGT B J C Woodall Ltd, Rushett Farm Airstrip (X2RF), Chessington, UK, Aug 28 1974. Noted on wheel/skis APR84 - sold to David Christopher Hanss, Milton Keynes, UK, Jan 31 2008. Based at Elstree Airfield (EGTR) - restoration by Windmill Aviation, Spanhoe Airstrip (X3SE), Northamptonshire, UK, May 2013-Nov 2014 - painted to represent 5thACOS U-10D 66-14374 'EO', Nha Trang, RVN, 1965-1969 - sold to Jeffrey L James, Elizabeth, WV - regn canx as exported to USA, 2022 - delvd Elizabeth, WV by DEC22