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1984 Helio H700 N4074W sn/H13 for sale $75,000

Started by porterguy, January 05, 2023, 03:47:02 PM

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1984 H-700  Helio Courier - us registration clear title ,tio 540 Lycoming ,1200hrs TT aircraft and engine from new, excellent compression NO propstrike .Ac is in fair condition needs restoration stored in dry hangar 20 years, no damage history no dents, needs assembly ,paint & restoration .Stored in a 30 ft. Race trailer . A&P disassembled 3 years ago new parts include windshield ,Aluminum gear, 120 gal fuel bladders, ( 2 left and right alerions pro recovered) $15,000 for the 2007 Hallmark 29 ft race trailer. $75,000 for the complete aircraft package deal only!  located in US Colorado text 970-515-8190 or ( yorkmead )


Hello porterguy do you know any info on this plane or know the owner? I've seen a barnstormers post about this aircraft posted December 27 2023
I haven't been able to find any photos of the aircraft or what parts and assemblies are available. Is the trailer roadworthy?