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H-295, c/n 1288, formally G-BAGT is back in the USA

Started by LowMtnRanger, December 24, 2022, 02:03:08 PM

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Concluding a 52 year European adventure, #1288, G-BAGT has returned home under new management.  I really need to again thank Louis and Jim for their expert advice on how to dismantle, safely pack and ship Helios around the world.  The containerized Helio has finally arrived unscathed.  This 1770 hour TT, 1060 hour SMOH, H-295 is remarkably damage and corrosion free but, even though it departed Great Britian in annual, it deserves a lot of attention.  New glass, paint, rubber, cosmetics, panel upgrade, etc. is definitely in order.   Anyway, I'll soon be busy with its restoration and would like to thank those of you in advance for assisting in answering the inevitable question or two that I'll have throughout the process.  Happy holidays, Jeffrey L. James, 26 Crosswind Cove, Elizabeth, WV 26143,  (304) 373-6950

Kevin Dunn

Congrats on a successful shipping event! Glad to hear it made it back. Looking forward to following the process.