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c/n 1707, N68874

Started by Doug Johnson, June 05, 2015, 05:22:17 AM

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Doug Johnson

12 pictures check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

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c/n 1707, built 05/74 as model HT-295, original registry N68874 John Roberts (dealer) SC sold '74, Kountry Kraft Kitchen inc (Elvin Hunt) PA sold '76, Aircraft Leasing (Samuel Rea) IL sold '80, Emkay inc (Samuel Rea) IL sold '86, Donegal Productions inc (Robert Davis) NY accident unreported not investigated no details @ unknown location time, repaired damaged tailcone replaced vertical fin and rudder at Coffeeville KS 03/87 sold 05/87, PB Odom (salvage broker) OK replaced wingtips with H-7/800 style sold 11/87, Niels Irgens-Moller CA sold '91, Vernon Parsons CA accident the aircraft was being test flown after the performance of an annual inspection, During his pre-flight inspection the pilot noted the presence of water in the gascolator bowl (the only low point drain for the main fuel tanks on this aircraft). The pilot continued to drain the bowl until only Av Gas was detected. The engine run-up and taxi-out for take-off were uneventful. After the aircraft took off and reached an altitude of 700 feet AGL, approximately ¼ mile past the end of the runway, the engine stopped running. The pilot added that the engine did not sputter or run rough prior to the stoppage. The pilot made a right hand descending turn back to the airport. However, due to insufficient altitude, the pilot had to make an off field landing in a plowed dirt field 300 yards North of the runway center line. Damage was as follows: slightly bent propeller blade, lower fuselage skin damage and sheared off main landing gear. Examination of the aircraft revealed that the fuel gascolator assembly was full of water. No other mechanical abnormalities were noted that could have contributed to this incident @ Carlsbad-McClellan/Palomar Airport CA 06/96 installed Cessna 206 nose gear accident upon landing the aircraft’s nose gear strut broke @ Kingman AZ 10/01, Vernon Parsons Scottsdale, AZ, sold 02/18 Thomas Hutchinson Kimberly ID

As always any further information or pictures would be greatly appreciated.


Doug Johnson

Another Helio for sale

Currently for sale by owner at Barnstormers $185,000.

The nose gear looks like it has been changed back from C-206 to C-310

Doug Johnson 1

Surprisingly found a couple new pictures at google images of c/n 1707.

I checked the N registry it appears c/n 1707 never sold and still belongs to Vernon Parsons.

Anyone know if the person posing by  the A/C is Mr. Parsons.

Doug Johnson 1

c/n 1707 has sold to someone in Twin Forks, Idaho. Anyone have any idea who this person is?

Helio N68874 c/n 1707 was for sale again at more reasonable $140K but notice they seem to be selling for around $120K

Go here to see listing

I also see an upgraded panel and Mr Parsons has removed 3rd row of seats and is now a 4 place with large baggage area at least they didn't remove the rear windows as it has been done on a couple other Helios.

I also noticed in the instrument panel picture that you can see that Helio Factory must have started relocating the electric fuel pump to the cockpit on the right side of the boot cowl some time around 1974 which include all the 1700's and c/n 1459 on I believe I would relocate my electric fuel pump back to the old position inside the engine compartment on the firewall. I noticed on Steve Murray's project Helio that he had moved the electric fuel pump to the new position. Fuel pumps leak, even with a drain tube running outside, I don't think a fuel pump belongs in the cockpit.

On my Helio I even removed the manual fuel prime pump from inside the cockpit and used a momentary switch and a fuel solenoid along with the electric fuel pump to prime the engine an arrangement used on some fuel injected a/c. This may not meet some peoples approval but I think it work better in some instances with pressure carburetors which is merely a single point fuel injection system.


 I was reading your first post about the engine failure of this aircraft.  The wing is more level when it is trigear.  Like when you are on floats.  O Ring should really be sealing well since any rain make a puddle of water on the fuel cap recess.


Doug Johnson 1

Louis, the accident above seems to me to be good endorsement for Jaars STC SA00786AT a Cessna fuel cap that raises the the filler neck above the wing but their is a problem getting the STC look toward the bottom of this previous post so this brings up a couple of previous posts

and their is a  modification that is a quick drain at the rear inboard corner of the main fuel tanks.

see previous topic on quick drains

also use the search feature at the top of the page for fuel drain, fuel caps whatever may be other posts of interest

I had  some thoughts of replacing the gas collator shown below in picture after getting water in the collator probably from bad fuel cap gaskets and having the glass bowl break when the water froze (note safety wired  shut off) this safety feature preventing you from accidental fuel starvation also keeps you easily shutting fuel off to prevent this from happening.

My thought was a metal bowl (which is available) but this keeps you from seeing the water in the fuel or a modification to a water separator filter but that would probably get complicated see picture below I also didn't find one with adequate fuel flow possibly you could parallel two
it was an interesting search for a solution.

I also found a locking gas cap at spruce similar to the shaw cap.


Pictures from the 06/96 accident @ Carlsbad-McClellan/Palomar Airport CA, where the pilot had to make an off-field landing in a plowed dirt field 300 yards North of the runway centerline.
The damage looks significant but was reported as a slightly bent propeller blade, lower fuselage skin damage and sheared off the main landing gear.
The pictures also show the H-7/800 Style wingtips


Au Miner

I am not certain that this is the correct plane, but it is advertised in ID, is a 1974 tri gear, and has a 530.