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Oshkosh 2024 gathering

Started by Kevin Dunn, November 08, 2022, 01:17:52 PM

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Kevin Dunn

Greetings all!

Been thinking about the fact that 2024 is the 70th anniversary of our beloved obsession, and wondering if we could put together a gathering at OSH 24? I've spoken to a few folks in person, and been encouraged by the responses, so I thought I would see what kind of interest there is in the idea. Thoughts?



It's on my to do list!  I can't say count me in, but I will do what ever I can to be there with N6469V.  And I really don't want to park surrounded by any rather pedestrian cessnas.  I would much prefer a good Helio crowd!

Kevin Dunn

Russell, the goal would be to have a designated parking are in the Vintage area where everyone parks together. That is what happened in '04 and '17.  Kevin


  Count me in. It would be great to have a reserved parking spot !   Paul  N12620



It’s a long way from the west coast, but I’ll start saving for gas money for N6334V!