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Started by Gordon Cragg, October 17, 2022, 08:44:29 PM

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Gordon Cragg

Hello All;
As most all know I have been Helio’less for several years now. The website was started in 2008 as a way for Helio folks to maintain contact, share ideas and just everything Helio.
I have paid the Site-Ground renewal fees for the last 3 years, but it is time to relinquish the site. Will Ware our original webmaster suggested a sale of the FlyHelio site to the company that operates several aircraft forums such as the J3 Cub Forum and the Piper Forum. Of course he charges an annual fee for access to the website. I always thought it important to maintain a free site. However, the cost of renewals has passed the $300.00 per year and I will not be renewing.
So if you want to run a Helio website give me a call.
Gordon Cragg


Would you continue running it if we pitched in to cover 100% of the out of pocket costs?

Jason Stephens

I may have the personal bandwidth to do it.  Let me check on a few things first.  Don't want to promise something I can't handle properly. 



I will commit for the first years fees of $300.  Next year someone else can pay, and so on.


or we can all just chip in $20 a pop until you get $300....I think its great that Josh said he would pony up $300 for first year...but I have my doubts that others will pony up $300 each consecutive year...

So How about everybody willing to contribute...give a thumbs up here...once we have enough that say yes...send money in to you...I did this for did others

Awesome website guys.....lots of info...


I would throw in to contribute towards webhosting fees so the site can stay free to access.



I'm happy to throw in some money.  Also happy to help in any way I can with the website. If that's taking over support or pitching in, I am game.  Let me know - there's too much good stuff here to let it end.



Right now is it best to just donate using the, yellow donate button in the home page?


For me clicking on that button gives me an inactive Paypal account


Jason Stephens

I'm of course willing to chip in some money as well.  Gordon, if you really don't want to deal with it at all I can take over the hosting duties.  I'm waiting to hear back on hosting costs from the company that does our company website hosting but I think ~$300 is pretty standard.



I'll gladly help in anyway that I can.  Operating a website is well beyond my skill level however, contributing time and/or funding would be no problem at all.