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Guess I should have been paying more attention......

Started by bofusfly, September 18, 2022, 07:17:15 PM

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I started getting the Helio bug again after pursuing other planes for a few years and looks like I missed out on a couple of good ones that sold recently, one by literally just days. Anyone out there know of any nice ones that might be coming up for sale any time in the near future? Seems the only one being publicly advertised right now is the H-800, N8004. Nice plane but I have already owned that one and am looking for something different, a 295 preferably. Any help or leads would be appreciated.
Moquey, any chance you would like to find a new home for N295GC? Doesn't hurt to ask I guess.....
Thanks, Terry 423-987-4243     


Hello Terry,
Thanks for the offer, but I missed out on that bird the first time when Gordon had it for sale,  even talked with him,  but couldn't pull the trigger because we were in the middle of moving, thought I would never have a second chance and then looked one day and it was for sale.  I doubt I'll sell it anytime in the next 30 years.
I haven't seen much for sale since,  especially not anything decent.
I wish you luck,  something will come up eventually.



Thanks Moquey. Yep, I certainly can't blame you for hanging on to that one. It's a good one.
Thanks also to Foster for the list. I have seen that but I think most if not all have probably been sold and most of the links don't work any more. I appreciate the help though. Terry   


I am so glad I found this forum.  I was lucky enough to just purchase SN-1210, and it is a fantasic example of a H-295.  She arrived in CT this past week and is now based at KOXC.  I have been looking for a beautiful example for nearly 10 years and grabbed the opportunity when it presented itself. Some photos (old and new) can be found in the link below.


I noticed a pre-oiler mounted on the right side of the firewall. Would you be able to post a couple of pictures of how the unit is installed?
I also have a Oil-matic pre-oiler and am not sure where the two hoses connect from the oiler to the engine.

Thanks in advance.


Took a closer look at the picture...perhaps I was looking at the boost pump, rather.

Does anyone have an Oil-matic engine pre-oiler installed on a GO-480.
I'm looking for an install photo to determine where the hoses connect from the pre-oiler to the engine.

The documents I have that came with the plane only show installs on a Bonanza.


Still looking for anyone that has an Oil-matic, pre-oiler on a GO-480.
I wanted to verify where to connect the hoses from the pump to the motor.