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c/n 556, N395HC

Started by Doug Johnson, February 28, 2015, 12:34:08 PM

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Doug Johnson

12 pictures check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

Previous posts about  N395HC or anything click on     Enter ?

c/n 556, built 03/62 as L-28A s/n 62-5916 for USAF accepted 03/62, t/n “25916”  USAF Tactical Air Command, 1st Air Commando Group, Eglin Air Force Base (Hulbert Fld) FL, L-28A re designated U-10A, equipment change to U-10B 02/63, until 05/67, USAF Southern Command, 24th Special Operations Wing, 605th Air Commando Squadron, Howard AFB, Panama Canal Zone until '?, USAF Air Force Special Operations Command, 1st Special Operations Wing, 317th Special Operations Squadron, Eglin AFB (Hurlburt Field), FL (Code AO) until 06/72, Davis-Monthan AFB AZ for storage until 06/72, declared excess struck off charge USAF released '74, as N72566 US Customs Service Air Support Branch Fort Bliss TX sold '76, Marietta/Love County Civil Defense OK sold '78, Skip Bush & McFarlane Aircraft Sales TX install 3,300lb upgross accident during landing the aircraft bounced & the nose turned into the wind, touched down in crab, damaged wing tip, propeller & main gear @ Brownsville TX 11/79 repaired sold, Leon Karr TX sold '81, Danny Janecka TX accident no details except fire @ unknown place '85, dereg as destroyed insurance co sold '92, rereg N395HC (t/n represents H-395 Helio Courier) David Holzschuh TX rebuilt installed 3,800lb upgross installed H-295 cowl with landing lts and type certificate optional air induction 1400 style instrument panel sold '04, Dave Beckett AK (Iditarod Air Force) installed tundra tires Landes 3600 wheel skis Edo 3430 floats and baggage door sold '14, Sturm Phillip Glennallen, AK placed on 35'' tundra tires (Pilatus PC-6) Zaegel Tail-wheel fork (STC SA1389CE) oversize 800x4 sold '15, Dr. Helmut Gunter Polzer who lives in Stuttgart-Schoenberg, Germany held in trust co (Debbie Mercer)

                  c/n 556 and up can be up grossed to 3,800lb using STC SA1589CE

below #3 from left


Doug Johnson

Just recieved a current photo from John A. first time I noticed the H-295 cowling and landing lts. I see a slight paint scheme change on the tail.


Doug's post reminded me.... the H295 air intake system is approved as an "optional induction system, 295-064-900" for the H395 by the Helio Aircraft Specifications 1A8. Item #110. No 337 necessary.


looks like the forward visibility on 35s is horrible    dont see the purpose with such a heavy tail, need  a larger option for the tail wheel        i have visibility problems with 35s on my cub and long gear    looks cool though  better than 850s for sure

Doug Johnson

What about the one we talked about on c/n 1250

"it was modified by burl rogers the same guy who builds the AOSS cub suspension    it uses his polymer bushings same as AOSS  he modified the a frame slightly and did a field approval on it.  in short it is a modified to use a polymer bushing shock instead of a gas filled type helio used,  the angle of the tail wheel was matched to work on 31" bushwheels so there would be no shimmey. Is it better???"



i think the tires are overkill due to the fact of never being able to get a large enough tailwheel to float the tail in soft terrain.  31s are probably a better match for the helio due to its weight       those 35s on the helio are made for a beaver and are a very heavy tire.   dont see the practicality but what do i know?

Doug Johnson

A couple more pictures third helio from left in line is one from Steve W (#560, #587, #556, #585). that I forgot to post earlier and another from John. The person walking behind the tire really gives some perspective to the size of those tires.



I had the chance to talk with Phillip yesterday check out the current set up on 395HC.  While I think the 35" tires are a bit of overkill, they are really impressive and the wheel brake set up is equally so.  The wheels and brakes comes off of a Pilatus PC-6 and are mounted on a custom built axle.  The combination of wheel and brake is supposedly lighter than the Alaska BushWheel set up used for cubs and 35" tires.

Most impressive to me though was sitting in the plane.  395HC has a zegel (spelling?) tailwheel fork with an 800x6 mounted in the back.  That is one monster tail wheel!  With that large of a tail wheel the visibility over the nose actually better on 35's than in 6469V on 29-11x10's with the stock tail wheel.  I can't imagine what the plane weighs empty though with so much weight in rubber hanging off of both ends. 

Doug Johnson

Zaegel Tail-wheel STC SA1389CE

edit: sold '15, Dr. Helmut Gunter Polzer who lives in Stuttgart-Schoenberg, Germany held in trust co (Debbie Mercer)

Doug Johnson 1

I opened the photos above

1st picture An interesting picture dated 05/62 of c/n 556 as a military U-10A (s/n 62-5916) with a placard on the door as L-28 this contract 62-5908 thru 5916 as I understand things, was placed in january of '62 first one built 01/62 delivered to USAF in 02/62 which continued with last one delivered 10/62.

Midway thru this contract the L-28 designation was changed to U-10A.
Possibly this was the last L-28 so it was placarded and a picture taken.

2nd picture a good picture of c/n 556 as a military U-10A (s/n 62-5916) shortly after delivery to US Air Force before being painted grey.

3rd a picture of c/n 556 as a military U-10A (s/n 62-5916) in storage at MASDAC was sent to me, picture also shows c/n 599 on left with its distinctive scalloped white on belly and the red on its tail.

7th photo from sale post of N395HC in flight because of beautiful background

Doug Johnson 1

Added photo from sale listing of N395HC in flight because of beautiful background

Post about c/n 556, N395HC being for sale

Doug Johnson 1

added a photo and opened it in the queue above

Doug Johnson

Another pic of #556 at MASDC  June '72 opened above as #3

Doug Johnson

Another of the for sale photos just or the heck of it because its one of those photos that you have to look at twice.

I will open it with the other photos in the queue above.

When I first looked a the photo I thought it was sitting on the Glacier.

Au Miner

Looks like it is currently owned by Seaplanes North, at Lake Hood.  And for sale. $130K on wheels, $150K on 3430 floats