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upper landing gear fairing needed

Started by Jason Stephens, August 31, 2022, 10:01:28 AM

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Jason Stephens

Hello All,  I'm looking for a 391-030-528-52 which is the small upper landing gear fairing that covers the gap between the left main landing gear fairing and the fuselage.  Somehow I ended up with two of the right-side fairing and need one for the left-side.



HI Jason-  I too will be needing the same fairings in the future.  I have an HT-295 (#1709) which was a factory tri-gear.  If we get it together to convert to conventional gear I will be needing those upper fuselage fairings but thought they might be something I could fabricate.  I do have a number of the main gear leg fairings, both right and left from original Helio stock in boxes.  Still had the original invoice inside-$56 each!. 1966. cheers/ JC