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Aileron push rod tubes

Started by bushpilot, July 12, 2022, 01:31:17 PM

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I need to find two aileron push rod tubes for my H-800. I removed the ailerons for recover and discovered that the locks were not in place long enough for the tubes to wear thin in a spot that rubs when the locks are not in place. If I am not able to find replacement tubes, can anyone advise me the type of material the tubes are made of so I can fabricate new ones ? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Thanks to the help from Abe at Helio Alaska  Inc.  I have the tubes sent in the mail today, July 14. Thanks to all for considering my request.

Colton Bontrager

We have a couple aileron push rods produced by Helio in 1984, p/n 391-010-421. They should be what you're looking for if you're interested.