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Photo Use Request

Started by joemat, July 02, 2022, 07:57:06 AM

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To All,
I am currently researching material & photographs for a reference book which will describe the history of the aircraft assigned to the Maryland Air National Guard from 1946-present. During my research I discovered several photos of Helio U-10B/D aircraft on the flyhelio site.
I am seeking permission to use these photos in my book, with all credits being appropriately noted.  Unfortunately, there are no photographers listed for most of the photos.   Is there anyone within this forum who can give permission to use these photos ?, or provide any insight as to the photographers.
The aircraft in question are:
U-10B 62-5918/558, 63-13091/596, 63-13099/604
U-10D 66-14361/1263, 66-14366/1268, 66-14368/1270
This enterprise is a non-profit effort accomplished on behalf of the Maryland Air National Guard Historical Flight. Your cooperation in this effort will be greatly appreciated.

Joseph J. Matranga, CMS (Ret)
MDANG Historical Flight

Jason Stephens

Hi Joseph,

I had assumed that by now our main historian would have posted a response to your post but since he has not I guess I'll step up for you.  Doug scrounges the internet for all things Helio and does an amazing job finding info and photos.  Almost all the photos are quite old and often don't have the photographer listed.  With many of the new photos Doug, or others, usually mention who took or submitted the photos so you can read the thread often to find a name in those cases.

I'd be surprised if anyone gave you any grief over using older photos.

Good luck!



Thanks very much for your reply.