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c/n 1201, N80TH

Started by Doug Johnson, March 31, 2015, 08:05:59 AM

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Doug Johnson

I found a picture of c/n 1201 on ebay as N5449E.

I will open it as #1 in the queue at top of page.


Rumors here in Quebec tells that my ex BYA serial 1201 have been sold to someone in Maine.  The plane is already delivered and paid.  It have to go trough a pre-buy inspection.

It is a good Helio, with IFR equipment and auto-pilot.  With a good engine and prop.  The buyer will be happy.  I know because i was looking for a Helio for a friend this week, and asking about BYA.  My friend just missed it by a week


Doug Johnson

deleted previous post it was incorrect wrong name wrong state edited it and reposted it

Checked the registry and found 1201 registered quite a distance from Maine

Francis Tremblay, Roberval QC sold 10/20 dereg export, rereg 12/20 N80TH Calvin Hackwel Enoch Utah.

One of you guys in need to fly over to Enoch Utah to get a hamburger while there take a picture of c/n 1201 with its N registry.

edited the History Paragraph

Doug Johnson

c/n 1201 changed owners about 6 months ago and I happened across a photo as N80TH and on of the a/c on amphibs with the ventral fin discussed above in a previous post by Louis.

I will post them and open the photos at the end of the photo queue at the top of the page.

Still need a N111LD and  C-FCWP


I just saw 1201 N80TH at CDC Ceder City Utah...was parked on the ramp last Thursday and still there Monday...seems like its based there!  On another note It seems I remember Steve Ruby talking about a zero roll takeoff....and someone being skeptical....Well winds were blowing down runway at about 35+.  I added power and I was OFF! maybe 10-20 feet and left tire came off immediately.

Kevin Dunn

Yep! It's always exciting when the airplane flies before the throttle is all the way in!!