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Helio Alaska, Replacement Carry Thru Assemblies

Started by Colton Bontrager, May 12, 2022, 03:15:24 PM

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Colton Bontrager

Helio Alaska is looking into the feasibility of manufacturing a run of certified replacement Carry Thru assemblies near the last quarter of 2022. New assemblies would be directly applicable to all 391, 395, 250, and 295 model aircraft, and would include all components necessary to comply with the existing AD.

Received interest, and desired quantities will dictate our decision to move forward on this project. 

Respond to this post, or reach me directly at for further information.

Kevin Dunn

I am assuming estimated cost will depend on the number needed? Or do you have an idea?



I contacted  your group several months ago about this very thing and hadn't heard back yet . Would even be interested in a drawing to produce owner built part  if you don't make a batch of them. Need one for my 391B . Thanks for letting us all know . Wish you luck with your progress with the Helio production.

Jason Stephens

My U-10 project has an original un-modified carry-thru so I'd be potentially interested also.  Any thoughts on doing the 700/800 style carry-thru instead?

Colton Bontrager


Yes, larger batch numbers will reduce manufacturing costs across the board for all components, and we will subsequently be able to furnish the complete assembly at a lower price point. We are working on acquiring initial cost estimates for materials and manufacturing, and will be able to offer an estimated assembly cost once we have more info.


I apologize for the lack of response, it's possible your inquiry got lost in the shuffle. At this time we are not open to releasing design data for critical components such as the Carry Thu. Are you aware of your A/C serial number? The Carry Thru to frame attach fitting and bolt we up sized after H391 S/N 049 and will dictate the required STC to comply with the AD. An early 391 A/C with â...œ attach bolts will require STC SA1590CE based off of the 391 model Carry Thru. While later A/C with 7/16 attach bolts will require STC SA1728CE, based off of the 295 model Carry Thru.

Thank you for your well wishes!   


We’ll note your interest, and will updated as the project progresses.

For our initial experimental prototype A/C we are planning on using a 700/800 style Carry Thru, modified to take advantage of advances in manufacturing technologies that have occurred since the original design. The main member will be of similar design to the original 700/800 assembly, consisting of a stainless steel truss, but will be manufactured as a single piece, eliminating the need for any welding. Full length “AD” straps will be included, also manufactured from stainless steel. The frame and wing interfaces will essentially be the same as the original 700/800 design.   


I don't remember  who I spoke with about the carry thru, but it was a phone conversation. I think they called me  because I have a few Helio  parts.  I asked about a carry thru then , or at least a drawing.  I have serial no. 096 and 097.If  connections are all the same for all models seems like the 700/800 model would be the best solution . Only one model to build and the strongest one of all. I was under the impression  you had in house engineering. Again, good luck in you efforts.

Colton Bontrager

As the Carry Thru to frame interface changed with the 700/800 A/C development, the prototype 700/800 style Carry Thru will not be applicable to any existing 391, 395, 250, or 295 model A/C. We have developed a new frame to utilize the 700/800 style Carry Thru attach points, incorporated up gross rated tubing throughout, and have eliminated the tricycle MLG attach truss (nearly 50 lbs of steel). Taking advantage of the more robust Carry Thru design while reducing complexity and weight.

Our efforts to manufacture the older style Carry Thru are directly tied to supporting the existing and aging Helio fleet with high-demand critical components. For the foreseeable future, our main focus will be developing, testing, and implementing the components necessary to manufacture our prototype Courier design, which may limit our capacity for fleet support. Extenuating circumstances may arise, leading us to manufacture limited runs of certain replacement parts such as the Carry Thru, but at this time our main focus will continue to be new A/C production.

Kevin Dunn


Thanks for the clarification. I know several of us were wondering about the issue since the H700/800 carry thru won't fit the rest of the models.



You've got my attention for G-BAGT, c/n 1288