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c/n 587, N87758

Started by Doug Johnson, March 09, 2015, 03:07:38 PM

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Doug Johnson

9 pictures check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

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c/n 587, built 03/63 as U-10B s/n 63-8094 for USAF 03/63, t/n "63-8094" USAF accepted 03/63, US Pacific Air Forces 14th SOW Nha Trang S/Vietnam by 05/67, USAF Tactical Air Command, 4410th Combat Crew Training Wing, Eglin Air Force Auxiliary Field #9 (Hurlburt Field), FL until '?, US Air Force Special Operations Command, 1st Special Operations Wing, 317th Special Operations Squadron, Eglin Air Force Auxiliary Field #9 (Hurlburt Field), FL (Code AO) until 05/72, Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ for storage 11/74, declared excess struck off charge released 02/75 as N87758 to (SIL) (Jaars 33rd Helio of 46) NC never placed in service sold '81, Agricola Pennatus (Roger Straddle) MT placed in experimental category to test installation of 200 gal alum spray tank for feasibility of using as spray-plane installed civilian 120 gal LR fuel system install 3,300lb up-gross converted from U-10B to civilian H-395 sold '88, Glen Gordon OR sold '88, James Rood AK install Goodyear wheels 30x13x6 tire assy STC SA234AL and shock struts STC SA234AL install Landis wheel skis Modified with installation of an ACE Aviation tailwheel and yoke assembly, & next with installation of Fluidyne Model C3600 wheel skis sold '91, Harry Deuber AK (dealer) sold '91, Guy Turner & George Barrett, Palmer AK accident no details @ unknown place '93 repaired right gear leg and surrounding area repainted using 1400 series paint scheme sold '93, Steve Coffman accident the tail came up on takeoff, the engine lost power and the aircraft ground looped @ Northway AK 08/94 sold in damaged condition, Dale & Wendi Schendel AK had repairs done and installed Cessna 337 seats & tracks in front and rear seat were placed on Brownline seat tracks installed Zaegel sling seat 5th and 6th pos placed on Edo 3430 floats per STC SA 1213CE now Aerocet 3500L floats Family trust sold '10, Robert Valentz & Karen Hunter Anchorage, AK sold Sep/'18, Robert Monberg North Pole AK



Quick update.  Was looking at this plane the other day and noticed that it is actually sitting on Aerocet 3500L floats and not the EDO 3430s.  Is this the only Helio on Aerocets?  I don't know of any others and I don't believe there is a formal STC for them.

Doug Johnson

Someone I believe one of our Canadian friends posted this list and I copied it for my own use.

Float list BY Denis


H391B  EDO 2870
H395    EDO 2870
H250    EDO 3430
H295    EDO 3430
H800    EDO 3500 AMPHIB
H800    EDO 3430


H391B, &
H391B        SA731CE    EDO 3430

H250          SA846EA    PK 3500A AMPHIB
H250          SA867EA    PK B3500

H395          SA1213CE   EDO 3430
H395A        SA152AL     LJ 2800

H295          SA1661CE   EDO 3500 AMPHIB (3800lb upgross SA1589CE REQUIRED)
H295          SA2136WE  TA3500 TRITAN AMPHIB

H700          SA7835SW   PK D4000A AMPHIB
H700          SA2142CE    EDO 3430
H700          SA2145CE    EDO 3500 AMPHIB

H800          SA2386CE     PK L4000


Doug Johnson

Thanks for list Denis,

Its possible the Aerocet floats had a field approval

while looking through the file to see if there was anything on Aerocet floats
found a couple 337s someone might find of interest

1st was installation of larger 5:00x5 tail wheel.

2nd installation of the retractable step.

Doug Johnson 1

photo of c/n 587 as '8094' while in storage Davis-Montham

Opened as #2 in queue above

Doug Johnson

Edited the History paragraph with, 18 Robert Monberg North Pole AK

added a couple photo

I will open them above they are both at lake hood shortly before just before it was sold to Robert Monberg

Doug Johnson

added a picture as #2 in the photo queue