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Garmin G3X Engine instrument System Installation

Started by yukonranger, December 07, 2021, 08:20:41 AM

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Has anyone done a G3X installation with the Garmin EIS?  Were you able to use the stock fuel senders?  How about Trim and Flaps?  Any feedback or advice is appreciated!



We are in the process of doing a new panel with G3X in our Courier. Will be using Magnetic CIES fuel senders, not sure if the stock ones would work, wanted to upgrade anyway. Trim and flap indicators will be stock. Was told we couldn’t get them on the display. Plane is currently disassembled so it’ll be awhile before we fly it with the new panel. Should be nice though!



I have flap and trim positions on my panel as well. However, a glance out the window tells you where the flaps are and the first few seconds of ground roll on takeoff will let you know where the trim is.  I have electric trim switch on the yoke.  Cheers/  JC


Can any of you please post some photos of your G3X installations on your Couriers?  Would love to see how it lays out.

Thanks in advance.



Here you go. Looks better outside the hangar with GPS position and synthetic vision