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Want to buy some of these (pictures attached)


I’d like to get some more of these

Jason Stephens:
What exactly are they?

Doug Johnson:
It kind of looks like one of those brackets to support aluminum fuel lines that have mostly been replaced by Adel clamps.

I looked in the illustrated parts guide and found something in the rear overhead fuel lines that kind of looks like it as # 61 but is a tiny pencil drawing hard to tell but couldn't find a part # for it. I also found Adel clamps in an update for the same fuel lines but again no part # for the clamp just tor the bolt that holds it in place.

If whoever has my old illustrated parts book there is probably a number or source penciled in the margins somewhere.

I'm willing to bet Jim Metzler knows what it is and probably has the part # to what has replaced it.

Okay, I think I found some info on the clamps. I've used them in the past and was pretty sure they were a Beechcraft part. They are nice because they clip to bulkheads and the holding rings open up so you can easily add or subtract wires or whatever.

PN is 49246. I found a couple at Preferred Aircraft and there may be more out there. Might check Partsbase if you have access to it. Jim

Thanks Jim!


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