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Field approval needed for AWB 3500s on H295

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Doug Schrage:
Folks, I'm working with the FSDO on a field approval for putting AWB3500 skis on my H295. They've indicated that if I could provide a copy of an existing or prior field approval for this installation, preferably in Alaska, they could sign off on it. Can anybody help? (I have an inquiry in to Wrights and am waiting to hear back.) Thanks in advance.

If you can approve them at gross weight ( 3400 or 3800 ) instead of the 3000 pounds of the Type approval on the 3000 pounds 391, you will be my hero

In the meantime, using the Federal drawing 11R1241. for installtion of AWB-3500A on a 391 is a good start if you limit to 3000 pounds as per 391


Doug Johnson:
other Doug, AWB 3500A skis have been installed on 4 Helios c/n 517 Nov '64, 1209 Feb '83, 1252 Mar '00 and 1478 Mar '84.

If you need copies of the actual 337's that will take some more searching let me know.

Doug Schrage:
Thanks for the info Doug. I'm waiting to hear back from Wrights, but I'd be interested in obtaining a 337 especially if one is/was in Alaska and/or at the higher gross weight like Louis said. Looking through this site, it looks like the skis were installed on c/n 1252 in Alaska. How does one go about finding 337s - FAA request?

Doug Johnson:
attached is the 337 for 1252 installed in AK and i see nothing on gross weight

Also attached is the copy of 337 for 1478 which also doesn't specify a gross weight at all

if you actually need an original FAA copy you can order the original FAA file from The FAA. The files used to cost 10 bucks for each aircraft, these files that I am posting here have a little bit of information cropped off the margins but I do have the original

My files are about 10 years out of date but the only thing you will get if you order the files is what I have plus the bits and pieces put in the file over the last 10 yrs

I don't believe the 2 other 337's would be of any help in fact they would emphasize the lower gross.


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